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Dermabrasion Car Massage
Dermabrasion Car Massage

Dermabrasion Car Massage

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Imagine this: Your vehicle is like your face. Both uniquely yours, both hugely important, both susceptible to sun damage, and most importantly - 

It's the image you project to the entire world - so why aren't you taking the best care of it? 

With the help of Dr. Z and his Hydro Spritz Dermabrasion Car Wash - your vessel will be utterly transformed from a dirty, sun and time damaged vessel to the shining beauty that you drove off the lot. 

Whether you drive an unassuming 2005 Accord or a classic 1966 Ford Mustang - the Dermabrasion Car Massage will have your ride looking brand new. 

Just like a spa facial:

FIRST, we provide a "deep cleanse" to wash away all of the dirt and grime that has accumulated on all exterior panels, tires, and rims.

SECOND, we "exfoliate" the dead skin (or residue from lazy washes and cheap products) with a patented Dr. Z "cutting" formulation. 

THIRD, we "massage" the whole exterior using a gentle rotating brush and Dr. Z wax (and little TLC) to have your baby shining bright like a diamond!

LAST, we finish the whole process with a coat of "moisturizer" and SPF to protect the entire surface of your car and lock in all the benefits of this thorough service. 

Now you can sit back, relax, and watch the dirt, smog, (or bird poop!) roll right off the brand new finish of your BRAND NEW vehicle! 


* Prices may vary depending on size of vehicle.