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Showroom Doctor Z
1004 San Jose Ave STE 101 Clovis CA 93612
Cage : 6JHA2
PSCs : H179
NAICS : 325611,561720:424690 325612:423850

The Goal of this company is to convert the already known Aircraft, Fleet Washing over into this new spray method of water saving, monitoring and safe guard of preventive pollution danger.Re treatment of water is huge long expensive process in itself.
It has now come in time and at the age of development has generated a new and innovative product called Miracle Spritz for everyone and all to enjoy the benifits of maintaining aircraft,vehicles and office space.
Conservation is a beneficial interest of society iwth streamlines and proper utilization of water is one of the most important and expensive natural resource we have.
Millions of gallons of unmonitored use and miss use of water is costing millions of dollars in economic fund and natural resources.Local, National and worldwide is our focus we can effectively benefit from the lack of water waste and start helping the process of maintaning and monitoring the use and function of water.
Because of this new awareness and commercial activity Eco Safe and Eco Green a regulatory setting guidelines and standards that effectively creating  earth friendly products.
Implements and leads the way for everyone who is washing and maintaning their aircraft, fleet, and office space.
We are going to save people 75% of their time, labor,and cost.This is the latest technologywith no competition. Because it is a new method of a wash and rinse system and there is no pollution.
This is possible because accurate measurement have been provided over 10 years of practical applications.

Eco Safe and Eco Green,
Saving 75 % of labor time and cost,
Target :
Solar Panel
Office and living quarters