About Us

Conservation is a beneficial interest of society, and proper water utilization is one of the most important ways to conserve one of our most valuable natural resources. Millions of gallons of unnecessarily wasted water cost millions of dollars due to this precious natural resource.

Our focus encompasses local, national, and worldwide markets since the universal need to save water resources. The new environmental and commercial awareness has given rise to Eco Safe and Eco Green regulatory guidelines and standards that effectively create earth-friendly products when followed by companies like ours in our product development processes.

Showroom Doctor Z implements and leads the way in eco-friendly products for everyone who is washing and maintaining aircraft, auto fleets, and office spaces.

We provide the companies with unmatched savings of water, time, labor, and regulatory compliance costs. This is the latest technology with no competition. Because it is a new method of spraying on and wiping off the system, there is no pollution and waste.

Eco Safe and Eco Green
Saving 75 % of labor time and cost.
Facility and office maintenance
Disinfect and clean all surface areas, including walls, floors, bathroom, kitchen, living quarters, furniture, computer equipment, and windows.
Faster, safer, and easier to use than competitive products.

Target :
Solar Panel
Office and living quarters

Showroom Doctor Z
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