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Complete interior restoration - ShowRoom Doctor Z

Complete interior restoration

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DR.Z understands that living life can be quite complicated. Between kids, pets, eating on the go; all these activities have it's own helping hand in leaving your car smelling quite odd 

 This exclusive package includes a thorough, elaborate, deep cleaning starting with your seats, carpets, rugs, doors, door jams, dashboard, including all interior panels and surface using Meguiar's finest exclusive detailers line. We also do a deep conditioning on leather seats. Let us pamper your car's interior by getting back to those soft elegant seats and that fresh new car scent it once had. 

- vacumming the seats and floor (under and between the center console) 

- we spray down the seats with fibers and proteins to lift up the odor and stains 

- using a new machine stimulating power it removes odors, stains, and used on carpets and rugs

- treating all the trims, cupholders, vents, dashboards, knobs, steering wheel, plastic on sides of the door 

- also all the door and door jams 

- we use a special UV coating that conditions and refreshes all the plastics that were wiped down 

Prices may vary depending on size of vehicle and stain damage.