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ShowRoom Auto Detail
ShowRoom Auto Detail
ShowRoom Auto Detail

ShowRoom Auto Detail

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 Dr.Z offers a thorough 3 hour deep cleaning spa service. We will remove the heaviest film deposits and build up. Your car will look brand new after full restoration of the exterior!

 After your vehicle is cleaned, buffed, and polished we use a scratch proof protection known as Meguiar's mirror-glazed sealant. This sealant/ wax gives a super high gloss impact resistant finish, leaving you with the shine and glow you've always wanted! Not only does the sealant leave your car looking beautiful, it also protects your car from paint damage caused by the harmful UVs from the hot sun!

**Prices may very depending on size of the vehicle**

Services include: 

Complete custom professional hand car wash using scratch-free formula

Clay towel treatment in desired area

Medium scratch, swirl mark, holograms, and hard water removal

light buffing and polishing on desired area using Meguiar's paint correction system

Hand dried and wiped down with microfiber towels